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March 26 2017

Trying desperately at 4 am not to get sick because you don’t want to be pukey. Fun times.

Oh how I hate my stomach and its issues

March 25 2017

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How long did this interview last?


My cishet friend works at Planned Parenthood.  She fought for 6 months to get the condom labels changed from “male/female” to “internal/external” and they finally did.  She brought it up at every single staff meeting until it was fixed.

That’s how you ally.

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Buzz Aldrins self-portrait during Gemini 12 with the Earth reflecting off his visor, 12 November 1966

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I make a list about turning 35 add then a post about starting testosterone and the mobile app comes up with this shit.

I don’t have winkles…

And even if I did, I BOTOX!

Granted, it’s for migraines, but it still freezes my non wrinkly forehead.


Sorry guys, I just actually don’t give a shit.l but this made me giggle.

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Viktor Krum rescues Hermione Granger by half-transfiguring into a shark during the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, February 24, 1995

Reposted bywasnae wasnae
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Based on a patron request for wizards!Hannigram~ Most people put them at Hogwarts so here they’re professors at Ilvermorny (even tho some of the american wizard canon is really dumb I couldn’t resist lol)~ Will is the DAtDA professor (and former student, House Horned Serpent btw) and Hannibal is the No-Maj Studies professor, and a squib… or so he wants everyone to think ;)))

How to Earn Olympic Spots: A Brief Introduction



The 2017 World Championships is soon upon us, and you’ve probably heard lots of people talking about “spots” - namely, how many skaters each national federation is allowed to send to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics next season. If you’ve read our Introduction to Skating Competitions guide, you’ll probably know that the process is very similar to how skaters earn spots for the World Championships, but let’s go over it again because the rules are slightly different for the Olympics. Before we get started, please remember that we are talking about how many skaters each fed can send to the Olympics, not which skaters they will send to the Olympics - each federation will choose their Olympic team next season based on their own criteria.

Information taken from this ISU document on Olympic qualification. This post will cover the individual events only, not the Olympic Team Event, but the document details the qualification process for the team event as well.

Keep reading

Yuri on Ice folks, you might like this!  @azriona


The White Death Note thing on netflix has me so worried

I mean. You realize you’re literally making a movie about a white boy “cleansing” american prisons right. You realize what the american prison system is right. You do realize your country already has enough problems with “lonely” white boys who think they can get away with murder without punishment for being white right.

You can’t grab a story like that and completely change the context without it turning into a huge fucking mess

In the madness that is life, I forgot to mention, I started testosterone yesterday…

March 20 2017

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It’s not every 35th birthday you snag that.

My life is just so fucking awkward

March 19 2017



Yes you, 221B attendee!

                                           Do you attend 221B Con?

Do you get excited when you think of all the nice people you meet, all the cool costumes you see, all the awesome things that every does? IS EVERYONE JUST SO ATTRACTIVE AND YOU NEED TO TELL THEM???

         DO YOU THINK NICE THINGS ABOUT OTHER                           PEOPLE IN THE 221B CON COMMUNITY????

You should head on over to our  >> SUBMISSIONS BOX << and submit that nice thing you thought about that person!!!!

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Imagine being a human in an alien crew in space and leaving with bright blue or pink hair and the color fades and everybody on board wonders WHY you are losing your colors??? Is it the lack of greens? Are you sad? Angry? They just don’t know??

“Human-Kelly may we have a moment of your time?”

Kelly pauses in her inventorying of the photo-synth plates she’ll be installing after today’s cycle ends. “It’s just Kelly, hellot-Halzar, you don’t have to acknowledge my species every time we talk.” She smiles. “That’s not considered rude for us.”

“Very well hu—Kelly. Erm. May we have a moment of your time?” Many eyes blink earnestly at her.

“Sure. What’s up?”

hellot-Halzar considers. “May we discuss the structural nature of the ship interior and gravity-derived reference values at a later date? At this moment we would like to inquire as to the nature of your corporeal change.”

“Yeah sure—wait my what?”

“There is a mess hall wager.”

“About my –?”

“Concerning your strands,” hellot-Halzar says, gesturing.

“My….hair.” Kelly runs a hand through it. It’s purple as of two ship days ago. “Ok?”

“We wish to know whether the colour change signifies mood, nutritional intake variance, or ….erm….whether your mating season status has changed.”

“My mating season status, huh?” Kelly lifts an eyebrow.


“Did Jerry put you up to this?”

“Human-Jerry refused to answer our questions about your strands, citing some phenomenon known to your homeworld as ‘famine in missed eek’.”

Kelly snorted. “Tell Jerry he can shove his archaic ideas about ‘feminine mystique’ where M-series stars don’t shine. As for your bet: sorry, it’s none of the above. I changed my hair because my last box of dye was about to expire and because I felt like it.”

hellot-Halzar considers. “chinret-Zer wins then, by technicality: that reason falls within acceptable parameters for 'mood’.”

“I suppose it does.” Kelly pauses. “Who bet on the 'mating season’ one?”

“Hmm?” hellot-Halzar had already turned to go and deliver the verdict. They turn one set of eyes back. “Oh that would be Drannuc. He said he smelled a difference in you.”

“Delightful,” Kelly says, instead of explaining menstruation and how that can affect mood, diet, and that technically it correlates to what most of the species on the ship would consider a mating season.
“Next time, instead of betting, maybe just ask questions? And not Jerry. He’s a jerk.”

“Reclassifying human-Jerry as jerk-Jerry. We will approach you with all human queries from now on,” hellot-Halzar says and then continues on their way.

Probably for the best, she thinks with a lopsided grin, and then continues sorting the photo-synth plates to install on her space walk tomorrow.

March 17 2017


Sebastian Moran
Fandom: We’re Crafty (initially my phone said crazy…)

Tentative Cosplay:

Captain Jack Sparrow
Otabek Altin
Shitty Knight

Once again I swear I’ll do something Sherlock related and I don’t.

And if I don’t get my ass in gear on Jack, he’s not fucking happening.


No conversational skills, we say awkward things then panic about it for the rest of the week like men

March 16 2017





















6 movies I can watch anytime

I was tagged by @ironshlak

-Hot Rod
-Black Dynamite
-Blazing Saddles
-Guardians of The Galaxy
-Kung Fu Hustle
-Die Hard With A Vengeance

I tag @angryblackman @uglynewyork @radvillaine @thebatmanny @backalleysamurai @bronanthegnarbarian @rafzombie @luchadoreofliberty @killerlizardsfromouterspace @kingsmooter and anybody else who wants to do it

6 movies I can watch anytime

I was tagged by @doomsday519

Dude, Where’s My Car?
Rush Hour
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
The Mummy
Death Proof

@spacepotatoman @bubblegumdefective @@deadlyhandsofcomics @thedragonsdrugs @film-atic @wickedsickurldude @futurehue @horror-fairy @heeljohnson @urzum

The Prestige
Black Dynamite
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
The Man From Nowhere
The Protector

@thxrsdxy @suprhues @creamynut @meatfighter @chawriee @theoriginalkanks @toasttothis @torontogod @kngshxt
Tekkonkinkreet How High Blade Akira Nautica Howl’s Moving Castle @ablakmass @revyspite @jeauxker @thats-uniique @that-88-shit anybody can do this honestly
Black Dynamite Oceans 11-13 Next Friday The Incredibles Space Jam The Warriors @colachampagnedad @05-fubu @gunzonyatmblr @goldenpoc
Rush Hour Matilda Taken Mean Girls Scary Movie Home Alone @oldmandulla @imbetteroffinhell @tonichildss @mckhenzie @hoeswithclothes
Pulp fiction Do the right thing Aristocrats Alice in wonderland(animated) Fifth element Akira @enlightenedsilverking @themasterpupil @imjihlitmoe @mysticaljellybean @bemy-lastsin @yennnyx @sorrowskitchen @xlovelessambitions
step brothers, the whole friday series, talledega nights, black dynamite, kung pow @teatoppy @tinytaughtyou @nefertitiq @babyfacefats @sexynakedblackguy
Anything studio ghibli, mind game, interstella 5555, inception, Anastasia, and El Dorado (because I’m a child) @thedropdeadrepublic @ashgoesmoo @deonsraw @pashionforfashion21allday @ashgoesmoo @thecoolestlame3 @daesnuts @5thdimensionbruhman @pastel-pwussy
The five heartbeats Jurassic Park Jurassic Park: the lost world menace 2 society Get out Any spider Man movie @staytrillswag @jaeuxx @domokunrainbowkinz @flowerxbum @anybody else who wanna do it cause I can’t think of people

Baby Boy, Napoleon Dynamite, Who’s your caddy?, Life, Love & Basketball, and Juice (way more than this)

@jackson-dies-at-the-end  @allblackeverythangggggg @melanindrop

@erinalexisrule @empressamberrage @xxheroboyxx

SpiderMan 2 Over the Hedge Life of Pi Sandlot Princess and the Frog Spirit @a1batr055 @charlezandrewz @insertfanboyurlhere @tifanni101 @queendeadpool @mylifeissomewhatrelevant
*Kubo and the Two Strings *The Imitation Game *Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind *My Neighbor Totoro *Like Mike *Kingsman: The Secret Service @ghoste-kid @katsa-the-graceling @sparkling-maxine @imperfectly-unknowingly-insane @princesscornchip

• Juno • 17 Again • Oceans 11 • Mary Poppins • Skyfall • Kingsman: The Secret Service • I tag: @agentfarton @matingseasonmustache @onlyfools @opalescentgold and anyone else that wants to give it a go!

Skyfall, Inception, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Cinderella, Tangled, Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them. 

tagging @a-forger-and-a-point-man, @spiritofcamelot, @castillon02, and @therealpigfarts23.

Return of the King, MST3K (the one on Netflix), Star Trek: Voyage Home, Half Blood Prince, and OHMSS Tagging @gwylliondream @dogtorbones @faerieoftara @faeriesfanficemporium and @jessicamdawn
Matilda, Midnight in Paris, Spirited Away, Oceans 11-13, Moana, Harry Potter 1-8. @onwardtoneverland @ao3-brihna @bootsnblossoms @zooeyscigar @timetospy @boredpsychopath-jc
Princess Bride, Producers, Kill Bill 1&2, Skyfall, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, PotC Curse of the Black Pearl (but I have to be in the mood for the rest of them…) Tagging @violyntfemme, @stevenpartridgequill, @mysteriousgreenooze, @jordankaine, @amottledrose, and @beginte
Singles, The Crow, Reality Bites, Kingsman, Immortal Beloved. Tagging @privatelyvex, @opalescentgold, @becool–mallory, @missbeckywrites
The Net, Love Actually, Pretty In Pink, Miss Congeniality, Scott Pilgrim, A Fish Called Wanda Tagging the 221BCon friends: @roane72 @batik96, @notyouraveragesecretary, @demonicsymphony @monikakrasnorada

Kingsman, Moana, Lilo and Stitch, Nightmare Before Christmas, Labyrinth, Skyfall

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Guard - patternofdefiance
Serbia Mycroft - littleowls3
Serbia Sherlock - consultingsmartarse

I knew about this in advance and I was STILL fucking blown away by how amazing it was. You guys are all fucking perfect.

I need to say ow wonderful patternofdefiance makeup was. Artistically done! I know who I’m going to ask if I ever need to do effect makeup for a cosplay. CS was an amazing cosplay partner- messaging me updates along the way, encouraging me to stay in character and tug her around and pull her hair(!). I couldn’t ask for better!

I am so glad it worked out, and that you liked it! Both your cosplays were so on point, and the in-character interactions were perfection! - especially your stage skit!

March 15 2017

Came home from the hotel with peanut at 3:30 am because I caught her trying to ‘run away’

When asked why ‘I miss home.’

Since I’d gotten the call already that the power was back on, I just brought her home.

I’m exhausted. I’ve had no sleep.

March 13 2017

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if this isn’t a summary of their relationsip, i don’t know what is

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