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October 15 2017

Smoking and brainstorming the prompt I have. I’d forgotten what it felt like to be excited

Also maybe rewriting the lyrics to what’s this to reflect my mood about some things



A pleased smile comes to Harry’s face as Merlin pushes his plate away.

“That was delicious Harry, thank you.”

Harry empties his wine glass and reaches for Merlin’s hand.  “Anything for you love.”

Merlin smiles fondly, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Harry’s knuckles.  “Go on then, make yourself scarce while I clean up.” Merlin grunts as he stands, grabbing tightly to Harry’s hand.

Harry is halfway out of his chair in alarm before Merlin waves him off.  “I’m fine Harry, just a little stiff.  Go, leave me to it.”

Harry sits, eyes narrowed, but says nothing.  He watches Merlin closely as he clears the table, noting his limp is more pronounced than usual.  Standing, he gives Merlin a kiss when he comes for the glassware, and heads to the living room.

Merlin tries not to think about the throbbing pain in the stump below his knee, focuses instead on getting the table cleared.  He breathes slowly as the sink fills with water, smiling as he hears music play.  Never been in love before my arse, he thinks, hearing Harry singing along from the other room.

But this is wine that’s all too strange and strong, I’m full of foolish songs.”

Harry’s voice grows louder as he returns to the kitchen, Merlin humming along.  He feels Harry stand close, arm wrapped around his waist.  “Chet Baker, a fine choice.” Merlin leans into the the embrace, “what’s made you so sentimental this evening?”

Harry shrugs, “no reason, it just felt right.  Here, let me dry.”

They work together, washing and drying the dishes, as the record continues.  Once the last glass is back in its cabinet Merlin holds out his hand.  “Dance with me.”

Harry looks at the offered hand, shaking his head.  “It’s been a long day Hamish, for both of us.  We should go to bed.”

Ignoring his protest, Merlin pulls him close.  Harry goes easily, though a frown creases his brow.

“You don’t have to worry about me Harry,” Merlin whispers, leaning in to kiss the frown away.  “I am doing well.”

Harry clings a little closer, letting their foreheads touch.  “I know you are, but I’ll always worry Hamish.”

Merlin pulls back, singing quietly along with the music.  “Time after time, you’ll hear me say that I’m, so lucky to be loving you.”

“I’ve kept your love so young?  So new?”

Merlin grins, leading them in a tight circle and dipping Harry very near the ground.  Harry laughs in delight, breathless as Merlin pulls them upright.

“So lucky Hamish.”

“Aye Harry, so lucky.”

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I’m trying to find a prompt thing to reblog, but if you guys have random ideas for prompts, hit me up (also feel free to sling other fandoms etc at me, I’m just concentrating on kingsman right now)

Welcome to Kingsman Christmas



Ever wanted a Kingsman Advent Calendar? Well, we can help with that.

With the help of all you amazing fanwork creators, we aim to bring you all the Christmas-y Kingsman goodness throughout December.

From December 1 til the 25th each day will have a theme/prompt (all of them Christmas/winter themed) and we’re calling all Kingsman fans to create something for each “door”.

Any form of art is welcome! Any character and/or ship is welcome!

Pick a prompt (one, five, all of them) and let’s spread some love around that time of the year.

For more info please visit our Rules (more like guidelines) and FAQ pages.

In order to make sure there’s something for everybody, we’d like to ask you to submit any prompt you think should absolutely be on the list. We will try to incorporate as many as we can.

What is a good challenge/exchange type thingie without a timeline… so here goes:

  • Kingsman Christmas opens for business: October 13th 2017
  • Calling for Prompts: October 13th 2017
  • Prompts List goes live: October 31st 2017
  • Posting starts: December 1st 2017
  • Posting end (officially): December 25th 2017

You can start on December 1st, you can come in late… anything goes. The only two we ask is

  • please don’t post anything before the date of your prompt (you don’t peak into your calendar, do you?)
  • please tag your posts with #kingsmanchristmas2017 so we can reblog

Fic Wars Sign Ups Open



Sign ups for teams and individuals are open.

If you are signing up as a team you only need to have 1 member fill in the form. 

If you want to sign up to do more than 1 fic war fill in multiple forms and beside your username put in brackets which number of fill in this is:


What is your tumblr username?

anarchycox (2)

this will just help us keep track

We want you to fill out multiple forms if you are wanting to do more than one fic war because it gives you a chance to pick different aus or ships you might be interested in.



Sing ups are still open. If you sign up as an individual try to pick from different categories for what aus you would be willing to write, more variety in your choices will make you easier to match.

Anyone interested if I take Kingsman prompts?

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Spotted butterfly Harry and West Virginia White Butterfly Merlin~<3



the fact that yuuri proposed to viktor in front of a softly-lit cathedral with gold engagement rings that have matching snowflake halves engraved on them…….need me a freak like that

you know what though, he could’ve given viktor a ring pop outside a haunted gas station in the middle of nowhere and it STILL would’ve been the most romantic thing i’d ever watched and i’d still have spent the next 9 months of my life tumbling down this big gay emotional mountain with a yoi-shaped boot print on my back



so when i was at camp we had a dress up superhero day and so i dressed up as black widow but like super cheaply (cheap wig, black leggings, black jacket) so it takes most ppl a second to figure out what i’m going for anyway i ran into a little girl who loved my costume and after a brief conversation it transpired it was because she was under the impression that i was ariel. i was like oh cool yeah that makes sense, how did you guess? expecting her to be like “the hair!” and she gave me this ‘duh’ look and said “it’s her costume from the avengers” because she’s under the impression that the little mermaid is also the black widow and i love her and the world she must live in

#you could say you want to be… part of her world

oh my god



pretty fucked up how christian beliefs are referred to as “stories” but indigenous beliefs are referred to as “mythology”

im gonna start calling it all “christian mythology” now and watch people literally melt in fury

Schedule for Kingsman Fic Wars



October 7th - Sign ups open (there will be a google form)

October 31st - Sign ups close

By November 7th - the mods will have assigned partners to individual sign ups

November 12th - we ask all teams submit their aus so we can make a master list

December 9th - Optional Posting begins. Teams can decided if they want to post weekly, every other week, or a completed story. We just ask that any posting you do happens on Saturdays so we can post about it on the blog.

March 24th - all stories in their entirety should be posted by this date and submitted to the mods.

For anyone interested

NorCal Fires


I’m sure a lot of people are aware already that massive wildfires have sprung up around the North Bay Area last Sunday night. Up to 40 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds more have been reported missing. The fires have still not been contained, and at least 5,700 buildings have burned down. Residents of Santa Rosa have been hitting the hardest as at least 2,834 houses have been destroyed. Evacuees have been seeking shelter in nearby cities, many of which have lost their homes, while others do not know what state their own homes will be in.

The Sonoma County made a google doc sharing important information specifically for local residents who are suffering from the NorCal fires. The information includes places that are accepting donations, volunteering needed, active evacuation centers, and other resources such as free food/water, clothes, wifi, and locations that will take in animals. The doc updates frequently so please click here (same link as above) of you need resources or would like to volunteer or donate.

Harry Hart Likes Dogs



The overshare post.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:

This is one hallway and two rooms of Harry Hart’s house, including one bathroom. 

pickled dog

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Our new Fall/Winter collection, DREAMS, is now available on www.noochfiber.com !  We cannot wait for you to start knitting with all of these new colors!!

iiii want that blue and gold one T_T

I don’t even knit and I want, but yo @anarfea @littleowls3 lookit the pretty

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Technological rugs

By combining traditional Azerbaijani rugs with modern technology glitches Baku-based artist Faig Ahmed has created an awesome ongoing series. 

Escape Kit / Twitter / Subscribe

Im so angry

Faig Ahmed is AMAZING and I’m always happy to see his work on my dash.

October 13 2017

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This is what we all needed…



My mother just informed me that I once put cole slaw in the VCR. When asked, I told her “It looked hungry.”

as an adult i keep a stuffed penguin in the freezer to keep him nice and comfortable.

I still apologize to stuffed animals for knocking them down… I’m 35

7508 c4a0 500


Image submitted by kazokuhouou

#403 Mischief managed. 





anyway has anyone figured out why stuff costs so much money yet

it’s cause it’s so expensive

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