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May 12 2018





Soft things my dad has done

  • One time when he was 18, he was fishing and found a baby salamander someone had tried and failed to use as bait. It had a huge gash in its side and didn’t look like it would make it. He put it in the bucket he was going to put fish in and took it home, then performed “surgery” on the little guy to mend the gash. It couldn’t move, so my dad fed it and nursed it back to health until the gash was healed. Since he’d taken it in as a baby, it wasn’t equipped to stay alive in the wild, so he kept it in a giant aquarium next to his bed. It stayed alive until my sister was born six years later.
  • His dad took him deer hunting once when he was in middle school. They hunted all day and never saw a single deer. At the end of the day as the sun was setting, they found one, and my dad yelled at my grandpa not to shoot it because it didn’t deserve to die. He hasn’t been deer hunting since.
  • Two people I used to be best friends with don’t have stable parents. My dad takes them out for lunch and out fishing regularly, and even though I am not friends with either of them anymore, he still makes time for them as if they were his own kids.
  • Sometimes I catch him crying at videos of dogs on the internet.
  • One time he was crying and I asked him what was wrong and he gave me a hug and said there isn’t always a reason. I’ve held on to that.
  • He told me that if (if) he dies, he wants to die by being drowned in a horde of puppies because otherwise, what’s the point?
  • He makes sure to say “I love you” to my mom and me every day, because he once told me he never once heard it from his parents as a kid.
  • Saw my mom looking at a bird, so he found out what kind of bird it was and drew a picture of it for her.
  • Heard me crying after a hard day and brought me a box of milk duds, because even though I’m lactose intolerant, it was an occasion on which they were needed.
  • Shows me every day that men who feel allowed to be open, vulnerable, soft, and emotional are so much happier than men who are told to keep it all inside.

also, to bring my point across, he signed us up for a father-son derby race this year (even though I am a daughter and also an adult lol). we spent like two weeks working on this car. it caught on fire but we won for creativity

and still my dad remains blissfully unaware of the fact that this post exists and also the fact that it has almost 11,000 notes. omg. I was not expecting this kind of reaction.

it caught on FIRE???????

May 09 2018



And I’ve scrolled as I far as I dare.


Personal drama 😞, or fear of Infinity War spoilers? 😂

Infinity War spoilers 😂😂😂😂

I just realized there’s a safe Tumblr. My own.

And I’ve scrolled as I far as I dare.




There once was a singer of old,
Who then broke away from the fold,
He won’t give you up,
He won’t let you down,
In a word you have been limerick-rolled.

How dare you make me read this with my own two eyes…


reblog with your sign + if you’re a denim jacket, a leather jacket or a bomber jacket person it for science


new reaction image

May 08 2018


Avoiding all media until I can buy Black Panther then go watch infinity war even though I’m missing so many other movies whatever

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(719): we were pretty evenly matched until she threw me through that wall

May 05 2018

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(310): We keep making plans but he keeps getting arrested. Such a tease

May 02 2018

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(662): Dont you look at me in that tone of voice

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I heard today is Alien Day so I realized I should post this hahaaa; a patron requested Will with Xenomorph!Hannibal :PP

April 29 2018

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redneck leftists represent 👏👏👏









let’s stop kidding ourselves, we all know the true otp is Jedediah and Octavius from Night At the Museum 


they quote gay movies


they watch cat videos on youtube 


they take selfies


I’m pretty sure they actually became canon in NatM3? 


come on there’s no way you can’t ship them

That last gif looks like Octavius was looking for a kiss, and well Jed misunderstood completely.

Being a homosexual in Octavius’ time was perfectly acceptable, which makes this all the more funny cause I think he thinks there can be something more, but Jeb is literally clueless as hell.

Cowboys in the Old West were also notoriously gay



They both look like ‘shit I should’ve kissed him’ in the last gif…

they’re true gays because they’re both so fucking clueless they think the other one isnt interested

I could be completely and UTTERLY mistaken in saying this. Please take this with a shit ton of salt. Because I could be conflating this with Hook or a shit ton of other movies where actors have played characters intentionally gay.

But, I think I remember reading something at some point, that they intentionally played them gay to begin with anyhow.




Hey, do you know that feeling of hitching up a long skirt so you don’t fall on your face when walking upstairs, and then you immediately become a wretched yet resolute Jane Austen character? It’s a universal thing, right?


So much.

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09-11 of 11

please click to original sized pic to read the words :)

please do not repost my art anywhere without my permission!



When y'all fake conversations in your heads do you sometimes say random sentences out loud too? I was just tying my shoes and said very sternly and loudly “I DO know how ants work, fucker”

this may be the most relatable thing I’ve ever read.


do me a favour and rb this and tag it w/ what things u collect… i collect fossils, gemstones and parasols !

April 26 2018



full offense but none of you would have ever survived fanfiction.net in 2009

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