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August 14 2017

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Genius, stills and on set

A tradition



In peacetime, the ruler grows their hair long. In war, they cut it short.

A ruler with long hair is held in great esteem, for defending the peace.

The traditional declaration of war is for the ruler to send their cut-off hair to the enemy ruler. The statement carries greater weight the longer the hair: to receive long hair says that you have angered one who is slow to anger, that you have incurred a wrath not easily woken.

Violent war-mongering leader frantically and aggressively tries to shave just a LITTLE hair off the top of their head into an envelope.

A faraway king receives a heavy wooden crate filled with a coil of the longest hair he has ever seen.

A despised ruler finds hundreds of pounds of cut-off ponytails at her castle entrance, each one belonging to her own people. 

A young emperor refuses to cut their hair and insists on trying to make peace with invaders. The enemy leader steps forward, draws their blade, and cuts the emperor’s hair themselves.

Hellen cuts her hair off and throws it in Cathy’s face at her son’s soccer scrimmage. 

Reposted byHypothermia Hypothermia

Finding that one fic on AO3 that hits all your kinks, written well, in character, with all the specs you were looking for





Reblog this to find your perfect fic in the next 24 hours.

This is one chain meme I’m willing to chance.

I’m rebloging this a writer in the hopes that one of my fics ticked all of the boxes for some one out there

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“ For The Buffalo that could not dream, German photographer Felix von der Osten chronicles life on Montana’s the Fort Belknap Reservation, where since 1888, the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Native American tribes have raised their families and continued to foster a deeply-felt respect for the land. “

Full article here: http://www.featureshoot.com/2015/04/fascinating-portraits-give-us-a-window-into-native-american-life-on-a-reservation-in-montana/

You know what, I have gotten my life limit of looking at pictures of natives that white people have taken. Hell, we still gotta deal with Curtis and his baggage he left. Also, the photographer was there for a month and suddenly can shoot photos with feeling that a Native couldn’t have done with an eye far more clear for having experienced it their whole life?

No, my friends and family, you want to see some amazing work, look into the book, “Shooting Back From the Reservation”, where Native children were given cameras to capture their lives and did so with grace and laughter and leave this German bozo alone.

All right, Fam, I got some pretty horrible hate mail for this opinion of mine so now I’m going to expand on my LOVE for “Shooting Back from the Reservation”, and why I dislike this German man’s photos of Natives.

If you have seen Edward Curtis photos (and who hasn’t?) these were taken in the same vein and tell about as much about Natives as Curtis’ did (which is not a lot).

Posed, un-smiling, dressed in regalia - heck, not one picture that this Felix guy took has anyone who is smiling! Not even the children! All posed and stern, with serious faces - this is not the full reality and isn’t the most important part of our communities! Even in the landscape pictures he conveyed isolation and emptiness when it’s not really like that. How can the land be empty when my grandpa taught me how to speak to it?

Shooting Back was made by Native children who were sharing and exploring different aspects of their LIVES. It shows how life really is within a Native community by young Native people. It’s not someone who showed up on a reservation for a month because his girlfriend had extended family there and took pictures. This is a glimpse of a moment out of their day and holds so many aspects of their life that you cannot view from an outsider’s pictures.

It shows you that there is no one way a Native is suppose to look,

It has chubby babies with big heads and intelligent eyes,

And shows that often our places are run down, and held together with more than a little duct tape, WITHOUT it being poverty porn,

It shows the love of rez dogs and rez cars,

And dads that make funny faces just because he likes to hear you laugh,

It shows a cemetery with too many graves,

And those medicine wheels that your aunt makes when you get a new to you car,

It shows kids playing, goofing around, and laughing!

And standing kinda awkwardly next to a white guy,

And elders that make silly faces too!

But my favorite part of this book is that in a society where our Native youth have some of the highest suicide rates, where they are silenced twofold because not only are they Native but they are also children and apparently that means that you’re not a full person yet, this book gives them a platform for their voice.

And I. I just really love this book. So if you want to see what Native life is, not just the poverty porn and the Edward Curtis wannabes, please check this book out. That is all.

Just bought the book, thanks for the rec!

OMG!!! So excited about that! Please let me know how you like it!

^^^ Fantatic addition to the post!

Here’s a direct link to go buy the book - Shooting Back From the Reservation

Reblogging because I live in a place with a MASSIVE Navajo and Pima population and even so, even having worked with Natives at various jobs, I’ve never seen a picture of a smiling Native adult or laughing child. That’s a problem.

And just because something happy needs to be said…

My body has been going through some pretty intense changes.

My ass looks FANTASTIC in CK boxer briefs these days.

Today is my anniversary.

Shadow and I would have been married thirteen years.

This hits harder than any other in some ways.

Thirteen was our number.

We got married on the thirteenth. On a Friday. Thirteen months to the day we started dating… At 13:00

I fucking miss him so badly some days that I feel like my insides are being clawed apart.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I’m a ok. But- it’s still hard to have a spouse die.

I was twenty-seven years old. He was thirty-four.

I’m now a thirty-five year old man. Something he never got to experience. That’s just mind-blowing in a lot of ways.

Shadow, you are fucking missed. What I wouldn’t give to have you here and giving me shit as a guy now.

August 13 2017

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ladies and gentlemen we have officially reached the “in case a nuclear attack happens” phase……. [x]

This shit is wild.

Wtf a table finna do for anybody?? There’s basically nothing you can do but die

they’re doing this to give people a sense of safety , even though we full well know this won’t work at all.

ALRIGHT KIDDOS LISTEN UP! I did emergency management for the air force which involves this fun thing called Plume Modelling (aka chart the path of death for a given bomb based on its payload, distance, type of detonation, etc) and let me tell you some actual LEGIT™ methods of minimizing damage to your life. Unless you are within the vaporization zone (where you turn into a fucking shadow because of your proximity to the blast) there is a specific order of events nuke blasts cause and there are ways to protect against these things. 1. There is this thing called a flash to bang ratio. It is really freaking important. The first wave from a nuke is a blinding flash of light that can literally FRY YOUR RETINAS. If you believe that a nuke has just dropped on your city, HIDE AND DONT LOOK AT IT. @shesheistyy a good solid table is good for this but you’re way less likely to go blind if you get to an internal room with no windows, especially one below ground. 2. After the flash there will be the bang. If the time between the flash and the bang, counted in Mississippi seconds, is more than 10 seconds you MIGHT survive and just die of cancer later. If it’s between five and 10 buckle up kiddos because the worst is yet to come. And well if it’s less than 3 you won’t live long enough to remember this. These are loose estimates only. 3. The “bang” usually announces the arrival of the fire ball. Yes. A massive heat shock will erupt from the core of the bomb and light pretty much every thing it comes into contact with, including your flesh, on fire. Back to that whole “metal buildings underground” thing. There’s really no getting around the whole getting lit on fire if you’re too close thing. 4. Fallout. When the bomb goes off it sucks all of the shit it just vaporized up into the air with it and as the blast cools, it begins to rain down the radioactive fucked molten wreckage onto everyone in a huge radius. Just because the fallout you can see has stopped doesn’t mean the molecular radiation has stopped. The survival factors for nuclear blasts are time, distance and shielding. The longer it takes for it to get to you the less of it there is. The further away from the source the less dead you are. Want to survive? Put 6 feet of concrete and/or 2 feet of lead between you and everything else. Yes. Those loons with their bunkers actually got something right. NOW! About radiation! If you are so fortunate as to survive one of these blasts and not be vaporized or burnt to a crisp or die of radiation poisoning within hours, you need to understand the types of radiation. Gamma radiation is the most “severe” in that it can penetrate your flesh through your clothes and house, causing severe illness. Gamma radiation fucks with your cell walls and disrupts your DNA. It kills you in hours, months or years. Some people survive decades. Think of gamma like the sun. Too much exposure gives you cancer. Now Beta, on the other hand, think of Beta particles like sand on the beach. Its in the air. Its in your clothes, in the creases of your fingers. But beta particles can burn through your flesh or get into your blood stream through open wounds. Luckily they can be stopped with nonporous materials, like rubber, or foil. Make that two points for the loony conspiracy theorists. Aluminum foil does protect from beta radiation. And finally, Alpha radiation. Think of alpha Radiation like dust motes. It takes a high density filter to prevent you from breathing them in and if you’re surrounded by rubble they’re probably everywhere. Alpha particles do the same thing as beta particles in terms of getting into your system and wrecking your shit. So! Survival? Most likely based on dumb luck. But! If you think you’re being nuked, 1. get under ground or at least to an internal room of the building if no other options are available. 2. CLOSE YOUR EYES. Curl into the fetal position to protect your orifices and vital organs from gamma radiation and get low to the ground to reduce damage from the blast and potential ceiling collapse. 3.You will still feel the flash pass over you. Count. One, two, three… If you aren’t vaporized yet keep counting. Pray to every god ever imagined that you get to 10 before you hear the bang. 4. Bang. Try not to shit yourself. The fireball will follow almost instantly if you’re in range. range. Be prepared to start rolling to put yourself out. 5. Fallout rains down. Do not open your eyes. Do not stop praying. As hard as it is because time will feel as if it has slowed to a crawl, try not to leave your position for at least 30 minutes, although 60 minutes is better. At 30 minutes, only 60% of the potential fall out has fallen but by 60 minutes, up to 90% may have come down. 6. Remember, Alpha and beta radiation are particles. Do not put anything in your body that has not been thoroughly washed, dusted of or came from a sealed package. Point 3 for the conspiracy theorists, hot pockets and canned food are probably still safe. Do not leave shelter without goggles, and try to wrap yourself in a minimum of those weird space blankets but rubber and metal lined suits (like hazmat suits) are best for the job. Good luck in the future apocalypse!

I hate that I think I might need to know this.

August 12 2017

Charlottesville Information


I’m seeing a lot of posts taking events in Charlottesville out of context on both sides, so if you want to know what’s actually going on, look at the City of Charlottesville’s official twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/CvilleCityHall?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Other reputable local news sources are The Daily Progress (http://www.dailyprogress.com/) and NBC29 local news (http://www.nbc29.com/)

We know that several have been injured, one person is dead, and that people have been arrested. No, we do not know who has been arrested yet.

Posts claiming Richard Spencer has been arrested are unverified so far (though fingers crossed). Posts claiming “City of Charlottesville police stood by” while counterprotesters got beaten on campus last night are misleading. It was University amd City police who responded and broke up the white nationalist protestors who were attacking counterprotesters, arrested one white nationalist, and one university cop was injured. http://www.nbc29.com/story/36121424/charlottesville-mayor-uva-president-respond-to-torch-lit-gathering.

No, we dont know if any of the arrests so far have been the man who plowed into the counterprotesters.

Stop making us who stand against racism and hate look bad by spreading false information about what’s going on in my backyard, because doing that only hurts us. It’s bad enough that Nazis have made my town ground fucking zero.

I’ll update as I know more, but source your posts and dont give Nazis any more ammunition.

Please reblog.

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This bar is twice the size! #221bconhn #221bcon http://ift.tt/2uyyDFr

I can’t fucking wait to get drunk in cosplay here




Concept: a TV series consisting entirely of “filler episodes” from some notional story of grand adventure whose ongoing events can only be inferred from the incidental context of whatever character-driven bullshit is happening this week.

Like, maybe they’re a D&D-style adventuring party, and we only ever see them during downtime between adventures. Sometimes one of them is suffering from some improbable injury or bizarre curse, and the particulars of how it happened are only vaguely alluded to - their entire professional lives are basically one big Noodle Incident from the audience’s perspective.

I think you could get some use out of “previously on” and “next time on” segments showing footage that never happened.

For example: “Previously on, Champions of Karamore!” 
*Shot of a scepter lying on a pedestal in a tomb somewhere*
Wizard: “The Scepter of Aratoom is the key to Garroth’s Ascension” 
*Four Seconds of the Heroes engaged in epic combat* 
Rogue *Looking at empty pedestal*: “IT’S GONE! WE’RE TOO LATE!” 
*Dark cloaked figure that the audience has never actually seen before, holding the scepter* “At last…it begins”

And then the entire episode consists of them hanging around the nearest inn, looking at maps and arguing about different ways they could have gotten there, and if any of those methods would have gotten them to the Tomb fast enough. “I told you we should have sold the horses in Roksport and taken a ship to Veremen” “We paid good money for those horses! Staying overland cut at least three days off our trip!” “It would have, HAD THE HORSES NOT BEEN EATEN BY WEREWOLVES!” “There’s no way we could have known about the Werewolves.” “THE TOWN WAS CALLED LYCANSBURG JEREMY!” 

It’s three pm

I’ve had no thc or cbd today

E n d me

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Well no shit.

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August 11 2017

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I almost went with Samwell red for Bitty’s briefs but I wanted to write Zimmermann on them so I went with some Providence Falconer special edition ones instead! I am in love with Eric Bittle

Only 24 hours after I posted this and it has over 400 notes ??? And I got 30 new followers ??? I’m pleased as punch I love looking at the tags from the reblogs. I’m working on Jack’s picture too now :D

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Inspired by @emmagrant01‘s Something Like This. I love the idea of Jack posing for a charity calendar. Somewhat of a companion piece to Bitty.

Edit: Changed the color scheme cause I wasn’t digging the lighter blue background.

August 10 2017





i dont understand the stereotype that women are obsessed with shoes, like have u ever met a high school boy

i don’t think you people understand how exACTLY ACCURATE THIS FCUKNIG POST IS

meanwhile all the girls at prom pile their heels in the corner and wander outside through the garden




do people wear glasses during sex or is it just like you’re blind and everthing’s a surprise

we turn off the lights so our partner doesn’t noticed we are basically echolocating everytime we moan



one thing I don’t think people realize is that in arguments about human rights, it’s not about trying to persuade the other party. it’s not about them at all. they’ve already made up their mind.

it’s about persuading the audience.

if I call out my teacher on being homophobic I’m not trying to change his opinion. I’m trying to convince any closeted kids in the room that they’re not the monsters he’s made them out to be.

if I argue with my aunt about how racist she’s being it’s not because I expect to change her mind. it’s because I’m hoping to god my cousin’s kids hear and learn that maybe skin color doesn’t mean what she says it means.

people will try to hush you and say “they’re not going to change their minds, don’t bother” but it’s not about them. it was never about them.

August 09 2017

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Stranger Things’ cast re-created awkward ‘80s Portraits 

This is my aesthetic

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i really want the avengers and the guardians to meet so i made some dumb doodles

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