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October 25 2017

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Wait for it….

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(401): he came over last night and we fucked with the great british baking show on in the background. it was beautiful





hey guys im hungry should i order some wings

here they come



A murder most fowl even…

October 24 2017

Important Warning Please Read and Share



So Scientology has recently been purchasing ad spots on social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. Scientology has always worked hard to recruit young people it seems like they’re investing in social media as well now. I know most people think Scientology is a joke but it’s a seriously dangerous cult which uses fear, extortion, violence, vandalism and various other unethical actions against those who oppose them both inside and outside the church. Here is key information on the abuses committed by Scientology: 

•Scientology uses a form of pseudo-therapy called auditing which focuses largely on embarrassing and traumatic memories. Scientology collects the information you share and uses that information to threaten you if you oppose the church. They also charge huge amounts of money for auditing sessions (which is why they really are doing all this).

 •They are extremely anti-psychology and psychiatry and pressure you against taking any antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication or any other drugs for mental health.

 •They believe homosexuality can be “cured” and are blatantly homophobic. •Enemies of the church are labeled “suppressive persons” and it is forbidden to communicate with such people. This isn’t just to limit the negative press they receive but also is a manipulative tool. If you are in the cult and decide to leave or criticize the church you stand the risk of being completely cut off from your friends and family. “Suppressive Persons” are often also harassed, stalked, or threatened. 

•If you’re new to Scientology and your family or friends are worried about you being in a cult you’re instructed to cut them out of your life, increasing your reliance on the support system (though there’s nothing supportive about it) the church give to you. 

•Scientology’s doctrine includes the concept of “Fair Game”. This basically says that those who are judged a threat to the Church can be punished and harassed by any and all means possible.

 •Because of this, they have no moral qualms about having their members lie in court which they use to defend themselves from lawsuits or charges that they’ve broken the law and also to help win lawsuits against their enemies. •They essentially spied on and stole information from the IRS and tried to frame the mayor of Clearwater Florida for a hit and run. 

•Scientology filed 50 different lawsuits in one year against the Cult Awareness Network, an anti-cult organization. Using false testimony they won one of the suits and because the organization couldn’t pay the fine Scientology took the organizations name and logo so if you were calling to get out of Scientology you’d be unknowingly telling Scientology of your intentions. (For full transparency my mom was a member of the Cult Awareness Network before it was taken over and was sued individually by the Church of Scientology) 

•Scientology has an official branch known as the Sea Org, a mixture between a paramilitary group and slavery, comprised of their most dedicated members including many children/teens who’ve been raised in Scientology. This is where some of the most rampant and terrifying abuse in Scientology occurs. 

•Sea Org members often work over 100 hours a week for Scientology for around 2$ per hour.

 •Sea Org member’s living conditions are terrible; they live in overcrowded communal rooms with up to 12 other people, are not given healthcare unless there is a free clinic in the area, often are forced to miss meals or sleep in order to successfully completed their work. 

•Several former Sea Org members have accused the church of physical abuse. •Sea Org members may not have children and women who have become pregnant have reportedly been forced/coerced by their higher-ups to have abortions. 

•Leaving Sea Org without permission automatically makes you a suppressive person, so young adults who’ve been raised in Scientology who want to leave are cut off from everyone they’ve ever known with no money or job and getting permission to leave can require 3 years of hard labor, social isolation, and group pressure.

thie above is 100% true. one of my friends has scientology and other cults as a special interest. there are hundreds of pages of documentation of their abuse that you can publicly read about.

it’s one of the scariest “religions” you’ll ever meet if not THE scariest because it was PURPOSELY created to make money. unlike most cults that do have some seed of genuine belief however twisted and off base the founders are, scientology was never a belief system - it was a get rich quick scheme for a terrible hack author who saw that there was more money to be made in manipulating people into a cult and then not letting them leave. higher and higher levels of scientology, which you have to take to be truly “clear” aka free of evil spirits, will cost you thousands and even millions of dollars. they will literally hook you into a billion year contract and then pursue you for any money you “owe” them, thousands of “back fees” for their religious training, if you try to leave.

oh and it has literally driven people to suicide as part of its goal to keep “suppressive persons” from spreading information. someone even made a fucking song about its abuses.

stay the fuck away from anything marked scientology or dianetics. narconon (NOT the same as narcotics anonymous, the 12 step program) is also their thing. never even step FOOT into one of their free dianetics “auditing sessions” because they will use it to manipulate you into joining. they are incredibly persistent and will use every trick in the book to get you on board.

scientology: not even once.

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Hogwarts Houses common rooms in Halloween season 


In shrek 3 shrek doesnt want to be king at all but isnt he a king already? The whole plot of shrek 1 was that lord farquaad has to marry a princess to be king and he does and for a full 3 minutes he was king of duloc, which makes fiona a queen of duloc? And in shrek 2 we find out her dad was a frog and im pretty sure he married a princess and became the king of far far away. Then again fiona is a widow so shrek could technically be prince consort….

Either way what im trying to say is donkey has a claim on half if shrek’s land and since shrek doesnt want to share his swamp, donkey owns duloc and probably loves it there and his dragon wife and mutant babies definitely help the whole themepark business they have going. Dragon especially loves to be hailed instead of feared.

Oh my fucking God. This is brilliant.

Yes, Donkey and Dragon are adored there. Everything is so much better with them in power because they take no shit and care about everyone.

October 23 2017

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(716): I was doing good, then they gave me free shots

October 21 2017

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Jarvis alone in tony’s malibu house. With the scooby gang investigating the place, bc they all hink it’s haunted. Tony comes vack and finds kids having pillow fights with his bots. Jarvis made them cookies. The stone age kids and the scooby gang, wreckong havoc.

The only tumblr glitch i love.

Oh my god that brilliant


The mystery gang is visiting cousin tony. When they arrive, they arrive to an empty houae. There’s a ceiling voice. Did the goblins eat cousin tony?? Is the ghost trying to cook them???? Is the man named ‘happy’ just an ironic name???? Is the lab haunted????????

Tony comes back toa chaos of pilowfights and dangerously raw cookies and frantic binary beeping

Tony and daphne talk shop - stocks, investments, shoes

Tony and fred and velma nerd out over the bots and the lab and random dangerous experiments

Tont and shaggy and scooby andd culinary adventures the likes of which the boys can only dream

Au where tony is the eccentric uncle who will gladly bail you out after lensing you his helicopter but also forbid you from deinking beforr legal age


Unexpected Date - Part 3 of 3


So instead of just starting another fic like I’m wont to do, I managed to finish this today! Next I’ll be working on finishing all those prompts still waiting in my ask box ;) (i have like 6, except for the ones that will be full on fanfic)

I hope you all enjoy the last part of this really silly fic :D It was fun and totally self-indulgent, so I’m happy that so many people seem to like it too \o/ The whole thing should be posted on a03 later tonight ;)

Tagging @insanereddragon @dianyx @liprouvaire @pemberley-press @anarchycox @lena221b @violentcheese @adventuresoftheordinarysort @corabe @spellfire01 @makethwoman @demonicsymphony @mang-o

Unexpected Date

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It’s only after he’s kissed Merlin’s cheek in greeting that Harry notices the gorgeous young man at the other table and how his husband is still clinging to his hand much longer than a polite handshake requires.

The young man looks both aroused and scared,his eyes darting to their wedding rings and Harry really hopes he hasn’t just ruined whatever was happening between the two. It’s not often that Merlin takes a real interest into anyone else and it’s the first time he’s ever taken a shine to a stranger since they met about ten years ago.

“Sorry I’m late,” his words end in happy sigh when Merlin twist around just enough to press his lips against his cheek in return. But for once, he doesn’t let himself get lost in the moment and instead  he presses his hand a bit more firmly on Merlin’s shoulder, pushing him slightly toward his new companion to remind him that they are not alone.

“It’s okay, I had a new friend to keep me company,” his husband turns back to the young man, finally realising he’s still holding his hand because he lets it go reluctantly. “Harry, please meet Eggsy Unwin. Eggsy, this is my husband Harry Hart.”

Eggsy awkwardly offers his hand and Harry decides to take a chance. Rather than going for a handshake, he gently grasp the hand between both of his and leans down to press a kiss on the back of his hand.

Eggsy’s soft gasp is echoed by Merlin’s and he offers the young man his most charming smile. “I’m delighted to meet you. Thank you for keeping Merlin’s company.” He would make a joke about how he’s a bad husband, but he fears the reminder would only make the other man nervous again. “Are you waiting on someone yourself?”

He hopes not, because already he wants to keep him all to himself. Or rather, themselves. It’s never happened before that Merlin and him have fallen for the same person, but now that it’s happening, his only wish is that Eggsy will be amenable to being courted by the two of them.

Eggsy shakes his head, looking tongue-tied.

“He said he was celebrating on his own tonight,” Merlin pipes in kindly, but Eggsy seems a tad ashamed about it. Not that he’s got any reason to be. One shouldn’t have to wait on others to spoil themselves a little.

“Celebrating hmm? Can we join you with that? Or rather, will you grant us the pleasure of your company tonight?” He might be laying it a bit thick, but the young man truly is intriguing. And even if nothing comes out of it, that shouldn’t stop either of them to have fun tonight. “It would be very impolite of me to cut short your and Merlin’s conversation.”

“Me barging in your dinner date wouldn’t be very polite either, no?” It’s not the answer Harry expected, but paired with the longing look in Eggsy’s eyes, he really couldn’t have asked for a better one.

“Nonsense. I wouldn’t have extended the invitation if I didn’t mean it.”

And before Eggsy can protest some more, he signals at the nearest waiter to bring another chair to their table.

Eggsy is still a bit hesitant, but it doesn’t take long before he relaxes and the conversation picks up again, one of the most enjoyable Harry’s had in months. And maybe he’s biased by how lovely Eggsy looks with a blush on his cheeks from all of his and Merlin’s flirting, but who could blame him really?

Certainly not his husband, judging by how he takes every excuses to brush Eggsy’s hands with his own, eyes growing hungry at every shy smile he gets in return.

It’s nearly enough to make Harry reconsider their rule of not bringing anyone home after the first date.

A temptation that is made even worse when Eggsy let them both kiss him on the cheek when they part for the night after he’s given them his number.

He’ll just have to convince Merlin that asking for another date on the very next day doesn’t come off as desperate.

Hshshdhhshahs *chin hands*

When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues. Well, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like that: “Have ya paid your dues, Jack?” “Yes sir, the check is in the mail.”
— Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China)

October 20 2017

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The Malfoys are hipsters in the new Voldemort-free world

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Sleeping Beauty Hartwin for @persephoneggsy for the thankful for hartwin event!!!!!! 

Thank you for writing Servants to Our Crown huff huff hufff I love prince Eggsy so much 😭

Reblog if you're a fanfic writer and you wanna know what your followers' favorite story of yours is ❤



A reminder that turning in assignments for partial credit is better than not turning them in at all. It is. Even if you think you’ve done a bad job and are ashamed of your work, or it’s way overdue, you take whatever you can get. Partial credit dramatically improves your grade over a zero, and I’m always astounded by how often even the smartest kids don’t really comprehend that. 60% is worlds better than 0%. Even 10% is going to help you. Letter grades are misleading and are not created equal. “F"s are mathematically valuable. Turn that late assignment in.

This goes for so many things in life tbh.

Can’t pay the full amount you owe on a bill? Pay as much as you can each month. Most places just wanna know you’re making a good faith effort. You can usually even call and ask for a smaller minimum monthly payment plan until you catch up, so that maybe you won’t be getting late fees added on to your balance. It’s worth calling to see. 

Third time you’ve had to reschedule that doctor’s appointment? Oh well. Your doc probably just wants to make sure you make it in to their office at all. Keep trying.

Half-assing is always better than no-assing folks. I know lots of us are anxiety-ridden perfectionists and it feels like if we can’t do everything exactly right on the first try we just shouldn’t bother. But that’s not true. 

My mom likes to say “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” to emphasize that it’s okay to enjoy doing things even if you’re not good at them. The point is doing them. Make that shitty art project that makes you happy. Learn that new skill even if you suck at it at first. Make it to under half of the events of that club or organization you want to be a part of but can’t fully commit to. It’s okay. You don’t have to do it perfectly to do it at all. 

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Shut up and Hurry u-…!


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Wait, when did Chris … Pine … join the Statesman?

It’s his fuckin’ pose that kills me. He is EVERY fuckboy cowboy I’ve EVER KNOWN.

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#hurt eggsy??? u are so dead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And look ! There’s a lovely story for this~ ! ❤ Guardian written by @dovecandies

Tentatively just gonna cheer TD Bank on. They refunded my jacket and a bunch of fees.

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